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Pro Tips for Buying Used Stuff Without Getting Screwed (Ship's Equipment , Car & Smartphone)

One of the best ways to save money is to buy Used stuff, whether we're talking Consumer Electronics, cars or Even Buying Reconditioned Ship’s Equipment.

Buying used comes with a bit of extra responsibility & slightly more difficult because you not only want good dealing, but you also want a product that's working, reliable, and in good condition.
To make your life easier, here are some guides on how to avoid getting screwed, no matter what you're buying!

Let's Dive in the pro tips for you, Thank me Later!

Reconditioned Ship's Spare Parts:

We research on some business around the world and found  RECONDITIONED SHIP'S SPARE PARTS Business is Fun!

You can buy a Reconditioned FURUNO or JRC Marine 2k KW X BAND & S BAND RADARS around 8000$!
That's insane!
You surely not going to Buy this for your Home!

You Buy this for your Vessel or for reselling Purpose.

So You can save a Huge amount when Buying a Reconditioned Radar, or Any other Electronics and Engine Parts.

Let's Dive in our Pro Tips For Buying Used Ship's Equipment Without Getting Screwed!

1. Find the Best Supplier.
Honestly, It's very difficult to Find a reliable Supplier for used Items. You can get help from the SHIPSERV.COM or Ship.gr to Find your Supplier.

Suppliers From Bangladesh and India are always good for the Cheap price.

2. Ask them What Guruantee do they Offer?

3. Ask them for the Operational Photos of your Wanted Items.

4. When Possible Send the Photos for your Requirement So that Your Supplier can find the Same Items as per your requirements.

5. It's Good to ask for the Photos of the Equipment you are looking for to avoid any misunderstanding with your Supplier.

6. It's always a great idea to Visit the Supplier Warehouse so that you can understand their ability.

7. Do not forget to Compare the Price, and you can always negotiate with the Supplier.

8.Calculate Your Risk
Inevitably, equipment will fail but taking some time to calculate the risk of downtime can help solidify your choice to stock parts. Making your life completely easier.
Pro Tips for Buying Used Ship's Equipment , Radar GPS SSB AIS NAVTEX, Reconditioned Ship's Spare Parts Buying tips
One thing You have to be aware that, The 2nd Hand Equipment Supplier will not give you any Longterm Warranty unless they are Authorised Dealer for any Brand or Manufacturer.
So you shouldn't expect the Same Service as the Manufacturer will give you.

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Computers and It's Accessories

First, decide what you need—then make sure you aren't better off buying new or refurbished.
We advise buying in person if you can, which allows you to check the product for damage, examine the screen for dead pixels and discoloration, Also You can test out the ports, keyboard, and other components.

Pro Tips for Buying Used Computer accessories
Also make sure you're getting the included accessories—if you have to buy those yourself, your costs could go up significantly.
You don't want to buy a used computer only to find that its hard drive is two weeks away from dying.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Gadgets

Smartphone producers release new models each year. As people always have the desire to upgrade, you can get an excellent deal on a used smartphone.

Buying 2nd Hand Smartphone is Tough because they go wherever you do, which means they're subjected to more physical stiffness. That means you have to be more cautious to avoid purchasing a smartphone with damage.

More Important thing is to be Careful about Buying a Stolen Smartphone, which will not work well once reported.
Check ESN/IMEI Numbers and Call Carriers​ before Purchasing Used Smartphones.

Pro Tips for Buying Used Smartphone
Most of these rules apply to tablets, MP3 players, and other gadgets as well.

Whether you buy A Brand New Phone or a Used one, you will always be caring to protect your device with the right phone case or cover. Luckily, we've got you covered.
Find the Best Full Protective Shock-Proof Scratch-Resistant Anti-Skid & Dirt-resistant Wallet Phone case day-to-day use.

Consider These Facts Before Buying Second Hand Cars​.

Consider These Facts Before Buying Second Hand Cars​. Pro tips for buying used car
Research Used Cars & Prices
You can browse through used cars for sale in newspaper classifieds and through websites.
Identifying the price of comparable models of used cars gives you an idea of the current market and helps them in making a more informed decision.

Set a Budget & Select Your Car
First things first, know your budget! It is always recommended that regardless of what type of car or what reason you are looking for a used car for sale, you must put an amount on it. This avoids the risk of wasting time by looking at cars that are irrelevant to you. Also, you must set aside a budget for immediate repairs, servicing and other associated costs including paperwork costs.

Test Drive & Physically Inspect
Buying from the internet has proven to be a good option for both buyers and sellers. As an interested buyer, you should always ask the seller why they are selling the car. This will let you know if there is anything wrong with the car and you can even get permission for it to be checked by a mechanic. The physical inspection of the car, including a test drive, is a must. Only after a positive inspection will you be fully convinced of buying your chosen car.

  • Check the Paperwork & Negotiate
  • Vehicle sales papers
  • Registration
Check for the date of registration & other mentioned details by matching with the car, such as the chassis number.
  • Tax
Make sure that the tax document shows payments made. Check for the date of payment and verify if there are any past dues.
Make sure that insurance and other paperwork which will no longer apply to the seller does not become an issue for you. So check to see that all payments are cleared.
  • Certificate of Fitness
Make sure that the car has a valid fitness certificate. Every vehicle, whether it is a brand new car or even used cars need to have passed fitness. Check the certificate of validity date.
  • Invoice & others
If there were repairs made recently then make sure to get invoices from the seller for warranty & other purposes.
  • Summing-up
Pre-owned cars, second-hand cars or any other names of used cars for sale are all the same. At the end of the day, it is a great option for a great budget. Even if you are a rookie driver, the first-time buyer, or even if you are considering driving for Ridesharing, a used car is a great option for the fraction of the price of a brand new car from a dealership.

No matter what you're buying, don't be afraid to walk away if you don't trust the seller—and if you can, buy locally so you can do your inspection in person. Good luck!

Whether You Buy a New or Used Car, You will Need a safer place for your phone when managing it for GPS and other related in-car uses!

It isn’t a good concept to have your cell phone in your hand while driving, putting yourself and others in danger.
Thankfully, there is a solution to boost your protection on the road while still being able to manage your cell phone, Phone Car Mounts.
Car phone mounts give an exceptional job of holding your phone where you need it, given that you make the right choice.

Picking a car mount is the hard part. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. So We Have the Solution for the best car phone holders for your money.

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